Feud is an affordable premium footwear brand, founded in London in 2007. Initially a women's footwear brand, success within the independent sector led to the launch of men's footwear in 2009.

Feud takes its lead from its British heritage, a country full of imperfections, but it is these imperfections that have led to a truly great nation. Feud believes it is the many challenges and chaos that exists within Britain that makes it one of the world's leading powers and an element of this is used within the collection.

SS13 sees a collection of random elements and combinations including innovative leathers, treatments and finishes.

The contrasting colour palette features on trend brights including teal blues and warm oranges which are used next to clean neutrals for an even more obvious contrast. An extra layer of chaos is added with contrasting leather combinations on men's upper patterns and statement conflicting heel details on the women's.